Seasonal Marches

As the Death March got bigger, various people called for this interesting bunch to get together more than once a year. These seasonal marches are the result of this desire. In Summer of 2012, they were added as an official part of the Death March calendar to be held every season.

2016: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
2015: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
2014: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
2013: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
2012: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
2011: Summer, Winter
See also the March of Antithesis


The Last Minutes of Fall
Saturday, December 17, 2016
Officer in Charge: Brandon
Total Attendees: 4 full hikers, 2 visitors, 1 more at banquet
The Premiere ran a lovely hike around Hollywood, followed by a small banquet at Blue Palms Brewhouse.

Ride the COLT
Sunday, June 12, 2016
Then Premiere Bob Normal co-opted Jeshii‘s COLT ride event and claimed the walkers as attendees. Sneaky, but not specifically forbidden. Through the photos, only 30 people were confirmed to have walked it (most rode bikes), so Bob Normal only got 6 points (which he refuses to log in to the site to distribute, so really a non-event).

64 Oz. to Freedom #6
Saturday, March 19, 2016
Facebook Event
Photo and details pending… :(


The Downward Spiral
Saturday, December 12, 2015
Officer in Charge: Acer
Total Attendees: 17 starters, 7 finishers
A 20 kilometer hike spiraling into the depths of DTLA. The first Autumnal March to have any photographic evidence of ever happening.

A video posted by Jeshii (@jeshizaemon) on

64 Oz. to Freedom: the 5th Playthrough
Saturday, June 20, 2015
Officer in Charge: Mike
Total Attendees: 4
The 5th annual beery night hike.

Beer, Beer, Beer, Train, Ramen, Go Home You’re Drunk
Saturday, February 28, 2015 @ 11:55am
Angel City Brewery
Officer in Charge: Acer
5 complete finishers (including Acer, Mike, Jeshii, Marie and Nick), many more partial attendees including Amanda, Gig, Andrew, Melanie

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64oz. to Freedom
Saturday, June 14 @ 4:00pm
Officer in Charge: Mike
Total Attendees: 2 (Mike, Bailey
The route was from Wolf Creek Brewery to the White Harte. No points were earned this day.

Death March Winter Seasonal Extreme Urban Drinking Hike: The Brewtour
Saturday, March 1, 2014 @ 11:15am
Fullerton Metrolink Station (North Side)
Officer in Charge: Acer
5 complete finishers (including Acer, Mike, Tron, Javier and observer Amanda), 4 more partial attendees
Inclement weather helped prevent any more than 5 of the heartiest Death Marchers to even attempt this extreme urban hike. While there is talk of it not being a “real” march, the bylaws allow for marches of all varieties. Lt. Marshal Acer was awarded 1 point for leading 5 members to complete the tour. Tron and Javier were also restored to ranking as all seasonal marches also qualify as absentee marches as well.


Spring: 64oz. to Freedom

Date: Saturday, June 1, 2013
Officer in Charge: Mike
Marchers: 5
Facebook Link:
Blog Post: 64oz. to Freedom 3

St. Patty’s Winter “Hike” – Bring Your Drinking Socks

Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Officer in Charge: Acer
Marchers: 10 complete finishers, 8 more partial attendees
Facebook Link:



Autumnal [Night] Hike!

Date: Saturday, December 1, 2012
Officer in Charge: Supriya
Marchers: 3
Facebook Link:

The very first Officer planned Seasonal March was be Premiere Supriya’s hike. While not much is know about the hike, we received a report that 3 people were in attendance.

Spring: Climb the Griffith

Date: Saturday, June 2, 2012
Marchers: 6
Facebook Link: 316319705103787/
Blog Post: Climb the Griffith: June 2, 2012
Wrap Up: Awesome Climb The Griffith Everyone
Image Galleries: Jeshii‘s FB
Absentees: Scott, Shayna

Avoiding the fate of the Winter March, Spring 2012 saw Climb the Griffith happen on the first try. 6 Death Marchers went from Eagle Rock Brewery over Griffith Park and down into Universal City on June 2, 2012.

Winter: 64oz. to Freedom

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012
Facebook Link:
Blog Post: 64oz. to Freedom 2
Image Galleries: Jeshii‘s FB
Marchers: 9

This was postponed once. As is usual for the Winter March.

A number of hikers met up at the Fuller Compound to take the bus to Ladyface. When the bus never showed up, Jeshii drive all present in Kaori to Ladyface and they noshed on Freebirds.

After Freebirds, growler fill commenced and the troupe began walking to Ladyface. They saw a weird statue and ended up in the wilderness. They made some poop jokes. Earl chased a pack of coyotes singlehandedly. The cave was dirty as usual. Jeshii was too drunk to remember much else. They probably finished relatively early.



Winter: 64oz. to Freedom

Date: Friday, March 4th, 2011
Facebook Links: The Cavalcade of Melancholia (11/20/2010) and 64oz. to Freedom (3/4/2011)
Image Galleries: Jeshii‘s FB
Marchers: 11

64oz. to Freedom is a night hike organized as part of Grand Marshal J.W. Fuller’s “Death March Year Round” initiative. Originally planned as an Absentee March in October under the title “The Cavalcade of Melancholia,” bad weather postponed it until March of 2011.

The hike was held on March 4th and had a fairly large gathering. Most of the Marchers bought 64oz. growlers at Ladyface and walked to the Grand Marshal’s former house. Due to the amount of alcohol consumed, it is only sketchily recorded, and even less remembered.

Many had so much fun, this hike was repeated

March of Antithesis

The March of Antithesis is an event that likely occurred in 2002 or 2003. It was considered the symbolic opposite of the Death March. The name was given to it by Acer.

The first March

The March occurred late one night when Mike, Jeshii, Acer and Suki were all bored. They decided to walk along the beach. Heading north from Isla Vista, they walked all night to Shangri-la (a nickname for Bacara Resort).

On the walk back, they stopped at 7-11. It ended approximately at sunrise. Acer vaguely remembers having a midterm or a final or something about two hours later, which he looks back upon with a distinctly nauseous feeling.

Sand Faeries were seen on the March. Everyone on the March stole something from Shangri-la; Jeshii and Mike stole jars of strawberry jam from a kitchen facility, and Acer took a broken piece of pavement from the parking lot. It is not known whether Suki also swiped anything or not.

The zeroth March

In 2001, Max and Acer followed the exact same path as the March at roughly the same time of night. This event wasn’t really called anything and was just one of those crazy things they did late at night, but can be accurately called the zeroth March.

The Second March

With the success of the 8th annual Death March, many have called for a revival of the March of Antithesis. It was slated for late 2006-early 2007. Sadly, a route was never chosen, but the Backbone Trail from Temescal Canyon to Point Mugu or the Simi to the Sea trail might be good candidates if the motivation for this event ever materializes.

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