St. Patty’s Winter “Hike” – Bring Your Drinking Socks

Sunday, March 17, 2013 @ 10:00am

McG’s Irish Pub & Grill
21356 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, California 91311

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Saint Patty’s Day is associated with light to moderate intake of alcoholic beverages, and the Death March is associated with a leisurely stroll through a pleasant natural preserve.


This year, on St Patty’s Day, the Death March’s Seasonal Winter Hike will occur. We will go on a “hike,” we will drink before, during and after if you wanna (don’t feel obligated)!

Location is probably start / end at McG’s Irish Pub in Chatsworth near the Chatsworth Metro Station. Awesomeness aspection factorials have been predetermined at roughly 100% off-the-scale super-good!

Start / end point are very Metro accessible, but they’re on the farthest outskirts of the Orange Line in Chatsworth.

“Hike” (long suburban walk) will probably start at an Irish Pub for a morning drink (or however many), go to another pub for another drink (or however many), then end back at the first pub for more drinks (or however many). You should be home in time for evening plans not to be an excuse to miss this! Hah!

“Theme” will be “wear something green I guess and make sure you’re drinking.”

Also be aware it’s Mike Kane’s birthday on St Patty’s Day, so I expect him to have an “appropriate” amount of drinks!


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