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Q: Why am I not on the list?
A: Have you logged in with facebook yet? If not, please do that first. Also, you will not show up if you did not attend the most recent march. Lastly, my records are occationally incomplete. Please let me know if you attended a year that doesn’t show up on your About Me page.

Q: Wait man, this ranking is bogus! I totally have more points than that!
A: Let me know! Your Grand Marshal loves you and can fix it.

Q: How do you determine how many points I have?
A: As per the bylaws, you earn 3 points for a complete Death March, 2 for an Absentee March, and 1 for being a member of MaST, for failing a Death March, or being a member of the Cavalry. You can also earn extra points for driving, being first to the sea, or through Seasonal Marches. Those points then decay exponentially over time at a rate of -0.25.

Q: How do you calculate point decay exactly?
A: Points for the Year x e(-0.25 x (Current Year – Year Points Were Earned))

Q: Why isn’t my grandiose title listed?
A: You may not have filled out your user info yet or (if you are anti-facebook) filled out this year’s survey!

Q: Why aren’t all of my achievements listed?
A: You may not have claimed them yet.

Q: Why don’t you run a model that allows for the decay to actually be random like the half lives of atoms?

Q: What happened to the old ranking system?
A: Since the old system caused too many ties and new members were discouraged because they could never catch up, a new system was developed. The decay model was developed to give greater weight to more recent marches and essentially eliminate ties.

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