64oz. to Freedom 2

| Date: Feb 11th | Location: Ladyface AleHouse (directions) | Time: 7pm |

UPDATE: The event has been postponed to Feb. 11th due to rain. Sorry! It wouldn’t be 64oz. if it wasn’t postponed due to rain at least once. ;)

In Time Ancient, tribes of Men who built the foundations for this thing we call Our Culture, celebrated the New Year at the beginning of Spring to reflect the return of life to the Earth.

Yet, another tribe of Men who lived on the land we call Our Country celebrated the lengthening of the days as their New Year. The Winter Nights are long and bitter for many months hence, but celebrations did occur. Perhaps the Men of this Land enjoyed the cool Winter as respite from the Fires of Death which accompany the Summer.

And for Us, whom live by the ways of one tribe and on the land of another? The passage of our daily lives much unchanged is a Melancholic Antithesis to the recent Celebrations.

On Saturday, January the 21st February the 11th, let us travel to Ladyface Brewery. Let us fill our growlers with the remains of the Harvest. Then let us March through Canyons to the Cave of Munits. Let us pay our respects to the Men who once lived on this Land.

Please take advantage of LA’s fantastic bus system. The 161 route can take us to Ladyface for a mere $1.50. It leaves the Warner Center Transit Hub (Owensmouth & Oxnard) at 6:00pm; Ventura & Topanga at 6:05pm; Parkway Calabasas & Calabasas Road at 6:18pm. We will arrive at Ladyface around 6:30pm. I estimate we will leave Ladyface around 7pm, judging by last year’s fill speed.

Please bring good shoes, a light, and a warm jacket at bare minimum. Water, food, and first aid are recommended. Like the Year, the moon will also be New; we will have only the stars to guide us –Actually, we will have a moon this time–. We may encounter snakes, lions, packs of rabid coyotes, and ghosts of Colonization Past. Rain postpones [I hope not].

Please use your light sparingly. Please only use the light when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, let us tune into our normally hidden senses.

If you are unable to attend, Vice Lieutenant Marshal Mike has volunteered to organize another epic hike in March near the equinox. I know I’m excited.

This is a Grand Marshal approved Absentee March.

See you then.

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