The Race

2012-08-18_15-37-22_652Yes, the March does have a race element involved. Not that it is a race. Most people have enough trouble finishing at all, let alone trying to finish first. If you are able to finish first, however, there are two things to look forward to.

First man and woman to touch the Sea are known as “Champion of the Sea.” This title comes with the powers of a Chancellor level Officer, an exclusive and rare achievement of the same name, and one extra rank point!

First complete team to touch the Sea is given the right to choose the theme/subtitle of the next year’s March.

Please note that these races only begin after the usual ceremonies are complete at Eagle Rock. Watch for the Grand Marshal’s signal to start the race!

2 thoughts on “The Race

    1. jeshii Post author

      Please just show up your your team! We are usually small enough that pre-reg is not necessary. The date is currently pending, but will be up SOON! Generally 2nd or 3rd Saturday of August.


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