The Rise and The Fall: 2015-2018

2015 is beginning of a new Era in the history of the Death March: higher temperatures (The Rise) and smaller marches (The Fall). The March was moved later and later into the end of Summer (towards the Fall) to avoid the hot temps.

2015 was unique for a couple of reasons:
1. Hottest ever
2. First Cavalry member
3. Smallest March since 2008

2016 had its own set of unique properties:
1. Tied for coldest march (the fall)
2. Smallest March since 2005 (and tied with the very first march!)

2017 marked the year where the officers forgot to update the bylaws because they were too drunk and tired at MacLeod after the march. This made most of the meaningful bylaws expire (another fall).

2018 was the year Jesse resigned as Grand Marshal (the fall of the king).

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