The Boom Years: 2010-2014

2010 marked a distinct change to the Death March. [title name=”Jesse William Fuller”] took over as Grand Marshal. [title name=”Steven Kitzes”] took over as Lieutenant Marshal. The point system was revamped. Teams were introduced. The Ride Corps was solidified.

2011 brought the Seasonal Marches and the Achievements. Also, record keeping of the March has changed significantly as 2011 marked the first year no one person knew every other person on the March. 2011 also brought the first widely practiced theme.

These years were also the largest marches on record. But they also represent Peak Death March as things contracted again. 2014 marks the end of this era as the Contitutional Crisis of what consitiutes a team shook the foundations of the bylaws as well as 2015 showing much less marchers.

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