The Officers of the Death March are the people who make it happen, year after year. They write the bylaws and plan the Ride Corps. They buy Tommy’s, make schwag, and make sure everyone is okay. These are your Death March Officers.



– Premiere was original spelled “Premier” but was changed during the first term of [displayname id=61].
– Although the official title “Chancellor of Transportation” did not yet exist, [displayname id=1] instituted the Ride Corps in 2006.
– Champion of the Sea was not an official Chancellor title until 2011.
– “o.g.” was an unofficial title that was added to members who performed the first March. This was never codified in the bylaws and has been removed from the records.
– Vice Lieutenant Marshal changed quite often in the early days. Here are the exact dates the title changed hands. This was resolved when the rule of rank only changing at the Banquet was instituted:
[displayname id=42] (2007-July 4th 2008, August 10th 2008-2009)
[displayname id=21] (July 4th-August 9th 2008)
[displayname id=22] (September 20th, 2010-2019ish)
[displayname id=23] (August 21st-September 19th, 2010)

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