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Theme: Post-Apocalypse
Date: Saturday, August 20th
Attendees: 57
Ride Corps: 29
Teams: 6
Starting Time: 10:05:00
Largest Team: Ironic Hipsters
Winning Team: Team Camp Beverly Hills
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/227894760569349/
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High Temp: 81°F

The 13th Annual Death March to the Sea took place on Saturday, August 20th at 10:00am! First Marcher touched the Sea at 2:25pm. Last Marcher touched the Sea at 5:15pm. Overall, the largest and fastest Death March ever. Good job everybody!!!

7:00am People start to gather at Starbucks.
7:30am Hasen finally arrives and the Valley based Ride Corps sets off for Los Liones.
8:30am The entire Ride Corps sets off back to the Valley.
9:15am Tommy’s is taking a long ass time to make burgers. Must arrive earlier next year.
9:55am Grand Marshal starts his speech.
10:05am The March begins.
12:00n The Race to the Sea begins at Eagle Rock
2:25pm The Champion of the Sea touched the Ocean! Good job Chops! (This was the fastest Death March up until 2013)

2:55pm Earl, Earl’s sister, and Greggors touch the ocean for 8th, 9th, and 10th place.

5:15pm Last Marcher touches the Sea!

1st Chops
4th George
5th James T.
6th Chris
8th Earl
9th Earl’s Sister
10th Greggors
D.F.L. Rachel B. (still faster than most people in previous years!)


Facebook Galleries
Emma B.
David C.
J.W. Fuller
Spence T.

Jeshii, Grand Marshal of the Death March, Ranger of The Ironic Hipsters, Protector of Japan The Ironic Hipsters 13.7491963661
Master Chief Acer, Lieutenant Marshal and Longfellow of the Death March, Captain of Team USA, Protector of Finland Team USA 12.8003497414
George, Protector of Costa Rica 12.4417982745
Mike, Vice Lieutenant Marshal of the Death March 12.9711059373
Jose Cuervo, Chancellor of Banquets, Vanguard of the Death March, Fraternity of the Boar 10.1647876176
Travis, Chancellor of Media, Protector of Ecuador 9.43260837716
Chops, Champion of the Sea 8.15599432835
Greggors, Premiere of the Death March, Captain of The Ironic Hipsters The Ironic Hipsters 8.80637501117
Count Earl, Ranger of Team USA Team USA 8.25963265187
Oak Tree 8.80727652928
Sherwin 7.15599432835
Emma, Sorority of Elephants 7.15599432835
Tron 7.4808318688
Yayoi 7.10943115317
Hasen, Captain of Team SloBro Team SloBro 6.19591673979
Tonk 6.37719354528
Kenneth 6.90286321254
Javier 5.33640234921
Emma 5.33640234921
Daniel 5.33640234921
Aro We’re Already Dead 5.33640234921
Ribs 5.33640234921
Rachel 5.33640234921
Scott 4.81959197914
Dianesaurus 3
Mike L. 3
Dana 3
Scott 3.41709965822
Birinyi 3
Jen “Earl’s Sister” Bailey 3
Foot 3
Taona 3
Tom 3
Gloria 3
Kaha 3
Mandie 3
Marion 3
Spence 3
Abby 3
Kevin 3
Natalia 3
Darence 3
Daukter Tastee 3
Dylan 3
James 3
Jeffery 3
Pavel 3
Garrett 3
Metal Bear 3
Chris K. 2.77686983985
Shayna T. 2.85226617001

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