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Date: Sunday, August 10th
Attendees: 14
Ride Corps: 5
Absentees: 1
New Punishments: Vegetarian chili, flagbearing
Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=22698796862
High Temp: 91°F

The full list of tentative attendees ended up being around 31 people. There were 96 people invited to the facebook event. In the end, only 14 made it. This also marks the return of founding member Jose Cuervo to the Death March.

The official date was announced by Grand Marshal Mike on July 4th at 2:17 PM. Gil suggested that we carry an aluminum pole as the new punishment and do the Airing of Grievances at the end of the hike in honor of Festivus. This may have lead to Jose Cuervo‘s punishment of bringing a flag.

Acer was stripped of all titles and forced to resign his post as Vice Lieutenant Marshal of Punishments for 2008 due to an emergency appendectomy that caused him to miss the 2008 March altogether. The position of Vice Lieutenant Marshal was up for grabs!

Another interesting thing about this year was that the March rolled out at 10am without the Grand Marshal. All the other people who were supposed to show up were there, so Jeshii gave the order to move on without him.

When Mike did show up, he had Baker with him, which secured Baker‘s position as Vice Lieutenant Marshal. It also gave birth to the latest member penalty, which didn’t go into effect until 2009 (and didn’t have a long life after that). It also showed Jeshii‘s intentions of someday dethroning Mike as Grand Marshal.

Greggors and Jeshii both decided to Twitter the march, providing many of the following timestamps:

6:35 AM: Jeshii and Greggors were up, drinking coffee, waiting for people to arrive.
7:22 AM: They were still waiting for the cars to arrive.

8:12 AM: Kenneth, Jose Cuervo, Greggors, and Jeshii had dropped off cars in the Palisades.

8:16 AM: Space for 17 folks is confirmed. Later, it is revealed that Aric left a car as well, meaning space for at least 22.

8:42 AM: Jeshii has bad reception in Topanga Canyon as everyone calls him for last minute details.

9:12 AM: Jose Cuervo goes to get ice for the after party beers.

9:51 AM: Jeshii begins the opening ceremonies with a speech.
9:55 AM: Everyone except the Grand Marshall had arrived.

10:00 AM: The 10th annual Death March to the Sea officially begins by order of acting Grand Marshal Jeshii.
10:25 AM: Mike and Baker catch up to the march, officially sealing Baker‘s place as Vice Lieutenant Marshal. Jeshii passes out cards for the reps punishment.
12:00 PM: Lunch and punishments at Eagle Rock.
12:33 PM: Lunch is over!

1:05 PM: Everyone is on the Musch trail.

1:07 PM: Jeshii, Kenneth, and Scott take up the rear as Kenneth‘s five fingers start to cause problems.

1:34 PM: Everyone leaves Musch Camp after water refills of the milky Musch water.

1:41 PM: The whole march is rick rolled by a number of people singing.

3:14 PM: Greggors and George make it to the last leg.

3:35 PM: Jeshii, Kenneth, Scott, and Jose Cuervo crest the long up part. No Palisades were in view yet. At some point, Jeshii and Jose Cuervo rediscover the Wirebreak. It’s location is noted for future reference.

4:07 PM: Jeshii, Kenneth, Scott, and Jose Cuervo can see the bay and stop to rest Kenneth‘s feet.

4:14 PM: Greggors and George make it to the bottom and resting their feet on the church lawn .
4:52 PM: Jose Cuervo, Kenneth and Jeshii are still not to the fork.

5:37 PM: Greggors saves Kenneth from certain doom at the top of Paseo Miramar in Phoebe.

5:50 PM: Jeshii touches the ocean, thinking he is last. Turns out Mike and others mistakenly waited at the Church.

The return of Jose Cuervo and the increased attendance lead to a change in the banquet. Having been Mongolian BBQ for many years previous, Jose Cuervo took over and had a party at the Pescadero house near the starting point. With a dip in the jacuzzi and Ameci’s pizza, this was the beginning of the banquet as we know it now.

Professor Mike, Grand Marshal of the Death March, Protector of Mexico, ☆☆☆☆☆ Redeemer 38
Sir Jeshii, Lieutenant Marshal of the Death March, Protector of Guatemala, ☆☆☆ Saint 36
Jose Cuervo, Vanguard, Flagbearer of the Death March, Protector of Suriname, Fraternity of Sus Scrofa 24
Acer, Vice Lieutenant Marshal of the Death March 24
Sir Baker, Vice Lieutenant Marshal of the Death March, Protector of Argentina, ☆☆☆ Saint 24
Don George, Champion of the Sea, Protector of Costa Rica, ☆☆☆☆☆ Saint 12
Greggors, Prime Chancellor of the Death March, Protector of Cuba, ☆☆☆☆☆ Saint 12
High Judge Kenneth, Protector of Honduras 8
Travis 8
Bob Normal 8
Aric 4
Annette 4
Ed 4
Scott 4
Steph 4

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