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Date: Sunday, July 29th
Attendees: 13
Ride Corps: 5
Added Official Punishment: Push-ups, squats, or some exercise.
Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2392734022
High Temp: 88°F

The 2007 March showed continue growth of Marchers and Punishments. Of the 13 to leave from the end of Reseda, only 12 actually made it to the ocean.

Jeshii, Greggors, Acer, Baker, and Earl all left cars down at the beach and then went back to the Fuller House to get the beers. Then, donuts and Tommy’s burgers were secured.

While waiting for the members to assemble, many had donuts. Earl was apparently very hungry and ate 5.

The Death March officially began at 10:00 with a speech from the Grand Marshal. After that, the Lieutenant of Punishments announced the new punishment (Labours) for the year.

Baker made a stop and Jeshii, Oak Tree, and Acer stayed behind to earn Saint titles. Later, Baker and Acer take the low road while Oak Tree and Jeshii take the high road. Both ways take about the same amount of time.

Hub was reached by 11:00.

Lunch at Eagle Rock went from 12:00 to 12:45. After Eagle Rock, the group split into the groups it would be for the rest of the trip. Yayoi, Jeshii, Oak Tree, Mike, Masaki, and Baker were behind while Greggors, Gil, George, Bob, and Acer were up ahead.

From 13:15-13:45, much of the group waited at Musch Camp for Oak Tree and Masaki, who had went back to Eagle Rock to get Oak Tree‘s watch.

From 14:00-14:49, many waited at Trippet Ranch while Baker called folks to go home.

At 14:45, Greggors calls from the “G” group, which had gone ahead. They had waited a while in some shade.

16:45, Gil, Greggors, Bob, and George hit the ocean.

17:30, Acer, Yayoi, Tron, and Jeshii hit the ocean.

18:00, Oak Tree, Mike, Earl, and Masaki hit the ocean.

Mongolian BBQ rounds off the night.


Sir Mike, Grand Marshal of the Death March, Protector of Mexico 34
Sir Jeshii, Lieutenant Marshal of the Death March, Protector of Guatemala, ☆☆ Saint 32
Doctor Acer, Lieutenant of Punishments 22
Masaki 20
Baker, Vice Lieutenant Marshal of the Death March 20
Oak Tree 14
Gil 12
George, Champion of the Sea 8
Greggors, Prime Chancellor of the Death March 8
Yayoi 8
Earl 4
Bob Normal 4
Tron 4

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