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Theme: Dormition of the Theotokos
Date: Saturday, August 15th
Attendees: 26 humans and 1 dog
Ride Corps: 6
New Punishments: Noisemaking, personal punishments
Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128467963501
High Temp: 82°F

On Monday, March 16th, 2009 at 8:52 am, Mike announced the date of the 2009 Death March to the Sea as August 15th. Mike said that since this is also known as the Dormition of the Theotokos in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the march would have a Greek theme. This theme did not really pan out, but it did start the theme trend which would eventually take off.

Jeshii made a new batch of patches for those who did not get them the year before. Additionally, he made patches for anyone who live blogs/tweets the event and for anyone who helps drive. Lastly, 10 liters of Fullerbräu Steam Engine were set aside for the March.

2009 marked a huge increase in the number of Marchers, and also included the first non-human marcher. The festival atmosphere was amazing, with numerous flags, horns, and costumes. Since the number of marchers was double the previous year, it was assumed that 100 people would be on the march by 2011 (2010 saw flat attendance, 2011 has 57 marchers).

The following time line comes from various sources, including Twitter, photos, and telephone logs:
7:00: Jeshii arrives at Starbucks 30 minutes late.
7:40: Ride Corps finish dropping off the cars and head back to the Valley.
8:26: Ride Corps goes to buy Tommy’s.
9:29: Opening ceremonies begin at the top of Reseda.
9:49: Death March 2009 is already biggest ever.
10:09: Mike gives an awesome speech and the March begins!
10:27: Everyone arrives at the cougar sign. Greggors, Tonk, and Bob missed the turn and have to go back a little. Jeshii stays behind for Travis & co.
11:31: Baker is supervising exercises at the Hub.
11:45: A group arrives at the Stromatolites.
11:55: Jeshii, Chiemi, Earl, and Roman visit a weird rock tower near the Stromatolites.
11:56: Greggors arrives at Eagle Rock just in time for lunch.
12:15: Everyone is at Eagle Rock, eating Tommy’s and drinking Steam Engine.
12:57: Flagbearers celebrating as they leave the Rock.
13:48: Scaring kids at Musch Camp. Jeshii and Tron head out to look for Chiemi, Earl, and Roman.
13:54: Chiemi, Earl, Roman, Tron and Jeshii arrive at Musch Camp.
14:12: Greggors is on Musch trail to Trippet Parking Lot.
14:31: Jeshii, Acer, Earl, Chiemi, Alon, Roman visit the Altar of Freedom.
14:45: Kat and Wolf get a ticket!
15:00: Greggors catches sight of the Palisades.
15:01: Wolf’s ticket complete.
16:03: Jeshii passes the Parker Mesa fork.
16:24: Jeshii catches sight of the church.
16:25: Greggors is first to the ocean.
16:55: Jeshii waits at the Los Lieones fork for a few folks.
17:58: Jeshii, Earl, and Chiemi arrive at the ocean.
18:37: Jeshii leaves in Kaori from Los Liones with Bob, Greggors, George, and Josh
20:52: Jeshii drops Dory and Billy off at their cars after going back to the Palisades again.

The banquet occurred at 21:00. Due to some issues with planning, everyone buys their own food. Once at Josh’s house, the Punishments are discussed. It is decided that Noise Making makes you a troubadour and that personal punishments are now worth a title. Many soak in the jacuzzi.

Mike, Grand Marshal of the Death March, Protector of Mexico 42
Jeshii, Lieutenant Marshal and Sir and Troubadour of the Death March, Protector of Japan, ☆☆☆ Saint 40
Acer, Chancellor of Transportation 28
Jose Cuervo, Chancellor of Banquets 28
Baker, Vice Lieutenant Marshal of the Death March 28
Oak Tree 18
Greggors, Champion of the Sea, Chancellor of Media 16
George 16
Gil 16
Travis 12
Bob Normal 12
Earl 8
Tron 8
Scott 4
Kyle 4
Sherwin 4
Chops 4
Tonk 4
Chiemi 4
Jonathan 4
Emma 4
Billy 4
Orlog 4
Dory 4
Kat 4
Roman 4
Steve 4

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