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Grand Marshal’s 2013 Wrap Up

group-2013Man, another Death March, come and gone like the dust in the wind.

This year was an interesting year. Why? Things went according to plan and we shrunk.

Yes, this was the first Death March since 2004 that we had less marchers than the previous year. I’m fine with that. In fact, one of the lessons I had this year is that even if things go completely according to plan, it doesn’t mean it will be a spectacular event. In fact, it will probably be pretty similar to how it always is.

Another thread of thought that strikes me this year is that of Tradition. There is definitely something comforting about tradition. The knowledge that despite the millions of ways life has changed over these 15 Death Marches, the Death March marches on. That being said, we had a very interesting make up of marchers. I’m concerned about how few women were on the march. We also had some exuberant first timers. One team was unconnected to any previous marchers and found out about the march from Twitter! And most of the folks from the team that brought us the ABC theme won again and have given us “Papal History” as a theme for next year. Love it.

superheroesSpeaking of the theme, I thought this would be the theme that would turn the whole march to cosplay. So I was a little bit disappointed that one two folks were in full costume. But there were lots of capes and masks and superhero t-shirts, so how sad can I be? This is also entirely typical. Some of us like to dress up, some don’t. I’m okay with that too.

rearguardSome more info about this year! We tied hottest Death March ever. This is now a 3 way tie. And boy was it a scorcher. Down by the beach, this gorgeous, creamy marine layer beckoned us on, but by the time anyone arrived at the ocean, it was gone. The sea breeze seemed to lose out to an off shore flow for the majority of the hike. Hydration levels seemed to be pretty stable. People took their time at Musch Camp and refilled their water. It was funny, however, that there was a big sign that said, “No water at Musch Camp” right at the campground. I was dying. I ran out of water at Eagle Rock. But once I realized the water was flowing, I gave myself probably 30 minutes of just solid drinking. This and a refilled hydropack let me finish up without any issue.

I waited too long to write this. All my memories are jumbled. I brought my son this year along with my father. 3 generations on one march. (I should note my mother rocks the Death March nearly every year, and we now have an achievement for bringing your mother!) My son and father only did the first half (getting picked up at Trippet Ranch). One is 4 years old and one is recovering from heart surgery. As the youngest marcher, my 4 year old was also the slowest. This established early on that I would be doing the new Punishment Rear Guard. I must also admit that it will likely be my last as well. Rear Guard, as noble as it may be, is really tough. Towards the end I caught up to the Twitter folks and showed them the way. I caught up to some members of Team USA who were feeling ill. And we finished slowly and together. I’m glad I did it, but it also meant I missed the celebration at the ocean.

stomatalites2013We had some folks going for major achievements this year. One of my favorite memories is coming upon the Stromatolites and everyone stopping to take pictures with them. Tom (I’m guessing, because I thought he had the spray chalk) wrote “they made our air” next to them. Mike started going on about blue green algae and them Bamboo started in about how some were nitrogen fixing. I love this group.

Eagle Rock went well. I was worried about showing up too late, but no one was itching to start the race yet. So there was time to have a beer and a burger and enjoy. And as the race began, someone began playing the Eye of the Tiger!!! Brilliant.

The banquet was good, but as is the trend, we had less people show up. I’m not sure what went wrong. Were people not properly informed? The cake was delicious and fun was had making doughnut burgers.

So in the end, no matter how much the event may shrink or lose its shine, there something enjoyable about it. And if we can survive the pain of the march itself, I imagine we can survive any pain of losing popularity.

We will march on.

Death March to the Sea: Superheroes

Saturday, August 17, 2013 @ 9:00am

Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park

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The time of reckoning has arrived. #DeathMarchLA has returned.

-=☠==☠=~ RIDE CORPS ~=☠==☠=-

***** Mountain Bikers WELCOME! Come help mark the trail!!!*****

This is the story of heroes from all walks of life who will gather the south end of Reseda at 9am. They gather to save the world. In order to do so, they must travel through HELL.

All heroes need the proper gear. Study boots or Magic Shoes of Immortality able to withstand the blistering 12+ mile MARCH OF DOOM. Water, giver of life, should be prepared to help avoid certain DEHYDRATION.

This is a one-way journey. Only the truest of heroes can perform this FEAT. Be sure you have a team to carry your BATTERED FLESH home from the SEA.

Of course, those SUPERHEROES who survive will be welcome at The Banquet. MORE INFO TO COME.

RSVP on the Facebook event page!

Click for nauseatingly exhaustive details on survival, achievements, punishments and much more.

Death March Super Ride Corps

BE A REAL SUPER HERO. Drive for the Death March.

Driving gives you 1 EXTRA RANK POINT and makes you a TEAM CAPTAIN (or ranger).

There are two meeting points:

Topanga Canyon/Ventura Starbucks
Meet up 6:30am

Los Liones Drive, just west of Sunset Blvd.
Meet up 7:30am

Free doughnuts for drivers (while supplies last).

Do it for the n00bs.