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The 2011 March is Over

Hey everyone! Are you sore? I swear, every year the March itself seems to get easier and the recovery seems to get worse.

First off, thank you!!! We had the LARGEST March ever with 57 counted Marchers (yet only photographed 53???). Many people dressed to the theme and we even had one man march after losing his keys in a storm drain… Now that’s dedication.

If you did not fill out a form (I printed 20 copies… and got 5 back), please fill it out! If you don’t believe in Google, you can also download it (pdf or png) and email it to me at moc.liamg@iihsej. Or you can just list your info in the comments section. I’m looking for your titles, your team, your achievements, and whether or not you drove!

Also, I am currently making updates to the officers, the team, and the achievement pages. Please let me know if I missed something.

Also, any pictures you may have, please let me know where they are and whether or not I can use them for this site! Thanks!!!

Thanks to everyone who came! I hope to see you at the next event!

The 13th Annual Death March to the Sea is tomorrow at 9:30am!!!

The Death March is tomorrow. Are you ready? Here’s some final pre-game information.

Make your pack tonight. Prep water, good shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and some snacks. Ideally bring some fun stuff like flags and noise makers and dress to the theme of Post-Apocalypse is possible.

Print out the two page Survival Guide and map. While you are there, check out the brand new Death March site!

Consider driving to the end in the morning. We had lots of drivers last year, but not a corresponding increase in hikers. This year it look like the opposite. Twice the confirmed hikers but lots of people saying, “Oh, we had plenty of cars last year.” Check out the Ride Corps event and information.

Leave no trace! Last year, the trash can at Eagle Rock was overflowing. Please bring a good trash bag and pack your trash to Musch Camp, Trippet Ranch, or pack it out completely. Respect the area and pick up any trash you may see. Let’s leave the park better than we found it.

Last, meet at the top of Reseda at 9:30am! Arrive early, park outside the gate/fee area, and walk up to the meeting point at the loop at the south end of Reseda.

See you tomorrow!
-Sir J.W.Fuller, Grand Marshal of the Death March and Protector of Japan, Flagbearer, Troubadour, o.g.

The Death March to the Sea 2011


It’s that time of year again, or for the first time for some of you: the Annual Death March to the Sea!!

This 13-mile hike is NOT for the faint of heart! You need to be in reasonably good shape to complete it. There is a fair amount of elevation gain, and it is brutally placed towards the end of the route. Bring water, and lots of it. Bring snacks. Dress light and wear sunscreen. Be prepared, or the Death March will Punish you like you have not likely been Punished before.

That said, the primary (albeit unspoken) mission statement of the Death March to the Sea is to have fun and foster camaraderie between your friends and family in Death and Marching. It is only a secondary and very optional goal to push yourself to the limits of exertion and challenge yourself to endure Labours and Punishments of ridiculous (mostly harmless) nature.

No one will be turned away, but you are on your own if you jump in and can’t swim. It is your responsibility to determine if you have what it takes to complete the Death March. This is an event for grown-ups, so you will need to take care of yourself like one. Read on for details.

The Theme

Last year’s Winning Team was Team USA, Captained by Steven Kitzes and featuring the talents of Earl Gertwagen, Nathan “Chopz” Bailey, and George Matthews. As the Winning Team, Team USA has been given the privilege of deciding on the theme for this year’s Death March.

This year’s theme: Post Apocalypse.

The theme is a means to provide participants with an opportunity to exercise and celebrate their creativity by dressing up, carrying props, and embracing an aesthetic or culture. This year, we will be emulating such iconic post-apocalyptic envisionings as The Road Warrior / Mad Max, Fallout, Fist of the North Star, Waterworld, and the like. References to any given zombie apocalypse are not intended, but are nevertheless welcomed.

Which team will win this year?! Who will decide on next year’s theme?!

Meeting Information

As always, we will be meeting at 9:30am SHARP, SHARP, SHARP!! Opening ceremonies will get under way around 9:45am so that we can depart by 10:00am SHARP, SHARP, SHARP!! If you are late, and you don’t see us at the meeting point, it is because we have already left. Catch us if you can!

This link will show you the GoogleMaps location of the actual meeting / starting location of the Death March, including Street View pointed at the spot at which we gather.

This is a One-Way Trip

We meet in the San Fernando Valley and hike to the Pacific Palisades. You will need a ride back to the start point and the ensuing (free and conveniently located!) Banquet at the conclusion of the hike.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have arranged with other participants to get a ride back. We typically leave a few cars in Malibu in the morning so that we have a way to get home. Make sure that you have a space reserved in one of those cars.

Leaving your own car in Malibu in the morning is the best option, and comes with the benefits of an honorable Title as part of the Death March Ride Corps. You can also arrange with friends to get a carpool system going as per the Death March Team System. There is no “car” in “team” but you will still need one to get home.

Consult a Death March Officer or Marshal (or leave a comment below) for details and help with getting a ride set up if you need one. We are happy to help… if you were invited to this event, we want you there!!

Events and Attractions

More information to come on specific Death March festivities, including the Punishments, the Race, and the new Achievements System!!

Out-of-date information on previous Death Marches can be found here, to give you an idea of how things have been in the past:

Ride Corps

If you have not arranged for a ride back to your car after the hike, please consult a Team Captain! YOU are responsible for arranging a ride home from this one-way hike.

If you can drive, PLEASE let us know! We really need your help.

For Ride Corps information, please visit this separate event page:


If you are not signed up under one of our Team Captains by the morning of the hike, you will need to have other arrangements to get home!! You can hike with us, but we reserve the right to leave you at the beach when we all drive home if you haven’t taken care of this very important detail.