Teams are central to keeping the community feeling of the March alive. A team may be started by anyone who drives people from the Palisades to Reseda. Drivers may combine forces to make larger teams. Captain of the largest team becomes the Premiere for the year. Fastest team gets to determine the theme for the next year.

The Current Teams are:

    Here is a list of teams that have gone before:

    • Team USA
    • The Ironic Hipsters
    • New World Mandana
    • All-White
    • >40 >275
    • Walnut Nipples
    • Warewolf Bitches
    • Loosely Affiliated Lone Rangers
    • The Heat Strokes
    • Dai Gurren Dan
    • Team Variety
    • Squirtle Squad
    • The Big Chill
    • Howland Reed’s Moving Castle
    • Team SloBro
    • Angry Panda
    • Team TBD (Total Bowel Destruction)
    • Team Aquatic
    • Team ?
    • Team Momo
    • Hasemmabutt
    • Nadi
    • Gay Anchor Babies
    • Misery Company
    • BALGBTQFFYVEBS (Bay Area Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer-Friendly Foodie Yogic Vegan Eco Burner Snobs)
    • Team Camp Beverly Hills
    • House Stark Naked
    • We’re Already Dead
    • Gunslinging Floppy Cocks
    • Xavier’s Team in 2012