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Date: Saturday, July 5th
Participants: 9
Absentees: 1
High Temp: 95°F

This was a bump in participation due to Jose Cuervo‘s efforts to bring more people in. It was also the first March that included female marchers! Not much else is remembered about this march, however.

The Birth of the Absentee March

The Absentee March was a substitute for the Death March to the Sea that was created by Acer due to his involuntary absence from the Los Angeles area on the date of the 2003 Death March. In order to make up for his absence and save face in the eyes of the founders of the Death March, he went on this 13 mile hike through the mountains west of Tokyo in Takao, Japan with friend and fellow manly adventurer, Brandon. Together they crested the peaks of five mountains over the course of about eight hours.

It is partly due to his creation of the Absentee March that Acer was accepted by the Grand Marshal as an officer of the Death March. This also started the tradition of doing Absentee Marches of their own if they involuntarily miss out on any given Death March.


Jose Cuervo
Shayna T.

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