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Date: Saturday, June 22nd
Participants: 6
High Temp: 84°F

A typical early years Death March consisting of Mike, Jeshii, Baker, Oak Tree, Acer, and Jose Cuervo. Held on the first full day of summer, this is likely the earliest (in part of year) Death March to occur. Lots of D&D talk. Ended with Mongolian BBQ. After that, everyone rolled up characters for campaign that Jesse was planning. It may be noted that this was future Lt. Marshal Acer‘s first March, and first time meeting founders Mike, Baker, Oak Tree, and Jose Cuervo.

The bridge on the Musch Trail was being built as the Death March passed in 2002. The plaque on the bridge says July 2002, which must be when it was finished.


Jose Cuervo
Oak Tree

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