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Date: Saturday, July 8th
Participants: 6
High Temp: 82°F

Little is known or remembered about this March performed by Mike, Baker, Jeshii, Jose Cuervo, Masaki, and Gil. However, it does seem that the girlfriend of one of the Marchers wanted to attend. To this, the future Grand Marshal, Mike, said, “No girls allowed!!!” Which explains why it was a sausage party for so many years.

Gil wore Vans on this hike and fucked up his feet to the point that he couldn’t wear shoes for a week after. Interesting foreshadowing for the years of Five Fingers devotees.

This is the first year that the March officially went down the Los Liones trail.

This was also the first year that everyone ate peanuts out of Jeshii‘s hat. This was done on the beach.


Jose Cuervo

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