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Summit 2015 Report

11200836_10206667657711781_890995223634359022_nHello my good Marchers. This is your Grand Marshal, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the officers (and the one bystander) who attended the 2015 Summit at Golden Road Brewery last night. We had a very productive evening. Many bylaws were changed and much beer was drank. So, let’s get down to business… What happened?

The main changes are as follows:

  • Chancellors gained much power this meeting! They are now able to cast one vote toward a triumvirate based on a majority of Chancellors present at a given time, as opposed to all existing Chancellors.
  • Bylaws expire on a paragraph basis instead of a sentence basis.
  • If the March last 25 years, all expired and repealed bylaws will come back into effect for the Silver Anniversary.
  • MaST members have to earn their one point by triumvirate vote every year (mostly just a clarification).
  • Team flair was challenged on basis of people not following it, but in the end was renewed for 3 more years.
  • No achievements expired, but the Paleontologist achievement is now entitled “Stromatolite.”
  • Clarified that achievements are earned forever, whether or not the bylaw is repealed or expires.
  • A new ridiculous achievement involving the number 4 was added. It will get its own article before the next March.

Much discussion of last year’s by-constitutional crisis ensued. The result is that there is one section of bylaws that say that team members must swear or affirm loyalty to the team in a manner specified by the captain. As a pilot project, we will be asking team captains what their loyalty oath is so that we have a little more evidence in case there is a team dispute.

The Grand Marshal attempted to sing Creep by Radiohead with the Casual Encounters Band.

Musical Instruments
One point about the Grand Marshal no longer bringing a bugle was brought up. The Grand MArshal is sad to announce he has no idea where the bugle went.

Many untappd friends were made.

Next up! The Spring March!!!

Death March Summit 2014 Minutes

Death March Summit 2014 Minutes

  1. Call the Meeting to Order
  1. Attending
  1. Grand Marshal Jesse
  2. Lt. Marshal Ace
  3. Vice Lt. Marshal Mike
  4. Chancellor of Banquets Marvin
  5. Non-Officers
  1. Elise
  2. Hasen
  3. Travis
  4. Kirsten
  5. Vihn
  6. Nick
  1. Bylaws Renewals
  1. See bylaws revision candidate
  1. Banquet
  1. Marvin is on it
  2. We are cool with MacLeod. They are cool with us.
  1. New Achievement Ideas
  1. Rebel – Intentionally do the Death March wrong so you don’t get any points
  1. Not radified
  1. Space Monkey – Shave your head for the Death March
  1. Radified
  1. Seasonal March
  1. One does not lose points for not doing and rather you get an extra point for doing it at all
  1. Radified
  1. Should we have a female Champion?
  1. No strong opinion.
  1. Dog dags
  1. Carry on regardlessly
  1. Ride Corps
  1. Like last year because it worked
  1. Timekeepter
  1. Baker is resigning
  1. if he actually attempts the march, he says that is his resignation
  1. Ask Josh
  1. Not available
  1. Or ask people to tweet/fb/swarm their time once they get there
  1. If no phone or dead, ask someone else plz
  1. Or volunteers
  1. Facebook Event
  1. Separate ones for Ride Corps in valley and Los Liones
  2. Encourage people to come to Ride Corps in case there aren’t enough
  1. Special Papal History Bylaw
  1. This year, instead of Champion of the Sea, the official title will be “Bishop of Malibu, Vicar of Poseidon, Successor of the Champions of the Sea, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal March, Primate of Los Liones, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Los Angeles Province, Sovereign of the Californian State, Servant of the servants of the Sea“
  1. Radified
  1. Grand Marshal Honorifix
  1. Anytime the Grand Marshal is mentioned, it must be followed by “praise be unto him”
  1. Radified