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Summit 2015 Report

11200836_10206667657711781_890995223634359022_nHello my good Marchers. This is your Grand Marshal, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the officers (and the one bystander) who attended the 2015 Summit at Golden Road Brewery last night. We had a very productive evening. Many bylaws were changed and much beer was drank. So, let’s get down to business… What happened?

The main changes are as follows:

  • Chancellors gained much power this meeting! They are now able to cast one vote toward a triumvirate based on a majority of Chancellors present at a given time, as opposed to all existing Chancellors.
  • Bylaws expire on a paragraph basis instead of a sentence basis.
  • If the March last 25 years, all expired and repealed bylaws will come back into effect for the Silver Anniversary.
  • MaST members have to earn their one point by triumvirate vote every year (mostly just a clarification).
  • Team flair was challenged on basis of people not following it, but in the end was renewed for 3 more years.
  • No achievements expired, but the Paleontologist achievement is now entitled “Stromatolite.”
  • Clarified that achievements are earned forever, whether or not the bylaw is repealed or expires.
  • A new ridiculous achievement involving the number 4 was added. It will get its own article before the next March.

Much discussion of last year’s by-constitutional crisis ensued. The result is that there is one section of bylaws that say that team members must swear or affirm loyalty to the team in a manner specified by the captain. As a pilot project, we will be asking team captains what their loyalty oath is so that we have a little more evidence in case there is a team dispute.

The Grand Marshal attempted to sing Creep by Radiohead with the Casual Encounters Band.

Musical Instruments
One point about the Grand Marshal no longer bringing a bugle was brought up. The Grand MArshal is sad to announce he has no idea where the bugle went.

Many untappd friends were made.

Next up! The Spring March!!!